Bills Farm Market



Beautiful, bright and fresh! Bill’s flowers are picked daily and are grown in many varieties. Bill is continually experimenting with new flower varieties, so from year-to-year you will find a variety of fresh flowers in bright colors that will amaze your eyes and engulf your senses. Come visit Bill’s to see what fresh-picked bouquets we have for you!

In addition to seasonal fresh flowers, Bill stocks a variety of dried flowers, such as Baby’s Breath, Globe Thistle, Larkspur, Statice and Yarrow.

Because of increased popular demand, we now accept floral orders for your wedding! If you’re planning on getting married during our open season and would like Bill’s to provide flowers for your wedding, please contact us 8 weeks prior to your wedding date. We will then make an appointment with you, so you can physically walk through our gardens and choose the specific arrangement for your bouquet, wedding party and at the reception. You can work with Bill personally, and determine exactly what you want. You will even be able to take a sample home with you to show family and friends.